HelpMyCashGrow is giving away 7,500 EntreCard Credits as well as a chance to advertise on the site

Prizes: (7 Winners)

  • 1st Place: 4,000 Entrecard Credits
  • 2nd Place: 2,000 EntreCard Credits
  • 3rd Place: 500 EntreCard Credits plus 1 month of free 250 x 250 “Featured Sponsor” advertising on HelpMyCashGrow.com
  • Four additional winners will receive 250 EntreCard Credits (1,000 EC Total)
  • FREE copy of “Avoiding Financial Setbacks” E-Book for everyone

How To Enter?

  1. Blog About The Contest with linkback to this contest post = 15 entries
  2. Blog About HelpMyCashGrow.com with linkback to HelpMyCashGrow.com = 10 entries
  3. Favorite me on Technorati, EntreCard.com = 5 entries per favorite
  4. Digg and/or Stumble This Blog Post = 1 entry per bookmark
  5. Add any or all of the images below to your site (Use and copy the link codes below):
  • 468×60 image – 15 Entries
  • 250×250 image – 10 Entries
  • 125×125 image – 5 Entries

Rules Of The Contest:

Please be sure to read the rules of the contest. These rules specify how you will need to verify your entries, because I can’t account for your entries if you don’t read the rules, especially Rule #1.

  1. For all comments requested made on this blog, BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR ENTRECARD E-MAIL IN YOUR COMMENTS so I can record and verify your entries.
  2. If you blog with a linkback, notify me by commenting on this post with a link to your blog post.
  3. If you favorite me on Technorati, notify me by commenting on this post with your blog name for verification.
  4. If you favorite me on EntreCard, notify me by commenting on this post with your EntreCard address for verification.
  5. If you Digg Or Stumble This Post, notify me by commenting on this post with your profile username.
  6. If you add images to your site, notify me by commenting on this post with your site name. Images must remain on site for the duration of the contest.
  7. Contest expires Friday, June 6, 2008 and winners will be announced June 10, 2008.
  8. No winner can win twice. See “How will winners be selected?”
  9. If I feel that there are any vio lations, cheating, or scamming, your entries will be nulled and you will be disqualified, no questions asked. Right now, I don’t see a way of how anyone can cheat, but I’m putting it out there just in case.
  10. Do not duplicate, multiply, or spam for extra entries. This primarily applies to images, and blog posts. You can post single images per size and receive the full designated 30 entries but posting multiple images of the same size will not incur extra entries. The same applies to blog posts.
  11. Any sites, blogs, or content that pertains to, but not limited to, pornography, spam, pyramid schemes, and illegal products, actions or behaviors will not be included as entries.
  12. By submitting your entry and EntreCard E-Mail address, you agree to the Privacy Policy which states that any information submitted will be considered confidential and I will not sell, loan, rent, or give your information to any third-party sites nor will you automatically be subscribed to any E-Mails or newsletters from this site But you will receive a PDF E-Book download link and an invite for subscription via E-Mail upon the ending of this contest.
How will winners the be selected?

Each entry will receive a number starting with 1 from the very first entry which I will actively maintain on a spreadsheet. On the date of winner selection, I will input these numbers and will randomly pick through Random.org. No winner can win twice. If Random.org selects an individual that has already won a prize, the script will be re-ran until a brand new winner is selected.


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