Carlocab.com is having a blog contest called Blogging Olympics 2008 wherein you could win cash and goodies

The official Blogging Olympics sponsors

  • $25 CASH!
    Sponsored by Home Business Blog.
  • $35 CASH!
    Sponsored by E-ContentSolutions.
  • $35 CASH!
    Sponsored by PLRrewriting.com.
  • $50 CASH!
    Sponsored by Scott Jones.
  • $35 CASH!
    Sponsored by Tom Tessier.
  • 10 advanced web hosting accounts for a year worth $36 each
    Sponsored by O2Host.
  • Five copies of an introductory presentation to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Physical if in the US) worth $100 each
    Sponsored by Life, Love & Learning.
  • Three copies of Terry Dean’s “Email Marketing Mastery Course” (Free Shipping) worth $97 each
    Sponsored by My Email Mastery.
  • Five copies of “Unstoppable Peak Performance Guide” worth $97 each
    Sponsored by Unstoppable Action.
  • One three month membership to Jack Humphrey’s “Social Power Linking” worth $90
    Sponsored by Social Power Linking.
  • 3000 Entrecard credits
    Three fast passes to cut to the front of the Entrecard line
    Three featured statuses to give you the coveted gold border around your listing
    One homepage slot to give your Entrecard placement on Entrecard’s homepage
    Sponsored by Entrecard.
  • 1000 Entrecard credits
    Sponored by Kiwi Pulse.
  • 1000 Entrecard credits
    Sponsored by Ejobtips.
  • One copy of “The Dip” by Seth Godin worth $16
    Sponsored by Money Relations.

The grand prizes

  • One link bait post (500 words). This will be written, fine-tuned and then widely promoted. If done correctly, this could mean tens of thousands of visitors, new RSS subscribers, links, and more worth $150
    Sponsored by Splashpress Media.

How to join:

  • Tell me who these flag bearers are and the country they are representing - 7 tickets

  • Make a blog post about this contest - 7 tickets
  • Include the prize list in the blog post - 10 tickets
  • Stumble this post and save it on Del.icio.us - 5 tickets
  • REQUIRED Find at least one, Beijing Olympics token on my blog. You can find these tokens on other posts (Example) right after the article - 3 tickets per token found.

After doing any of the above, send an email to carl@carlocab.com (Subject “Blogging Olympics 2008?) with all the stuff you’ve done and you’re good to go!


I am totally swept away by the WP-Magazine Theme. It has stayed away from the usual or typical wordpress themes. Only a few and the wp-magazine theme has out beaten any other magazine themes in terms of properly laying out all the links without sacrificing the design. It gives the user an ease of navigation. Every elements of the design is well though of. Starting from the pages, categories. Both has drop down boxes to accommodate the subcategories and subpages. View it on Solostream theme page.

Content Layout
What more could I say, the content layout are properly laid down. The featured articles, which glides in a certain duration(by you, yes you!) is awesome. It will give so much reason for your visitors to stay on your site. There would be a lot of interesting articles from you to showcase. Plus, the recent articles layout is very much interesting and an eye catching. The interchanging colors and the images is very well designed. If I am the reader, I would surely be interested on reading those articles judging by the design.

The colors looks professional and fits any blogs of different niches. I could see a money making, sports, gaming, technology sites using this wordpress design.

The advertisements are properly layed down and does not clutter the content at all. It properly blends in the sidenar.There are built in spaces for ads with certain sizes and you could even add more on the extra space in the sidebar.

Other Cool Features
You could activate your profile/gravatar
In the demo site, there are wonderful tutorials starting from how to add a 125x125 ads to your sidebar and adding activating your profile/gravatar
Create a SiteMap page (coolest)
There are 5 homepage options to choose from (Where could you find this?! 5 lovely layouts to choose from)
Other homepage options:

There are 4 archive pages to choose from
2 single page options to choose from
2-column version of the single post page
3-column version of the single post page

How I wish I would win this wp theme. The design is neat, simple and slick. I have another blog that totally needs a makeover right now. Having this wp theme on my other blogs would give it a professional design and I could out stand other bloggers with the same niche as mine. I would certainly recommend this


Prodinterios Birthday Bash Contest!! is having a contest to celebrate his birthday this August 15, 2008.


1st Place

- 1750EC by Whatever I Feel Like Blogging About
- a 2 week 125×125 Image Ad Spot by Travels in the 10/40 Window
- A One month 125×125 Image Ad Spot on My Blog
- 1000EC from Your Hand In Mine
- 1000EC from Abhishek Deshpande
- A One Month 100×100 Image Ad spot by WebbieStuffs
- A Site review from Earn More Moola

2nd Place

- 1000EC from Regretful Morning
- a One month 125×125 Image Ad Spot by Better Interpersonal Communication
- a One month 125×124 Image Ad Spot on My Blog
- A Link for one month on WebbieStuffs
- 500EC from WebbieStuffs
- A One month link at Please Entre
- 500EC from Rumbling Lankan
- 512EC from Foolsville 2.0

3rd Place

- 500EC by Travels in the 10/40 Window
- A One month link On My Blog
- 512EC from Foolsville 2.0
- 200EC from http://japanshigoto.blogspot.com/

4th Place

- 250EC by Chetan Gole
- 300EC from Coffee Tickle

How to join:

1. Comment (Required) - 1 Raffle Entry
2. Fave my blog on Technorati(Leave Username) - 3 Raffle Entries
3. Blog about this contest (Leave link with the comment) - 5Entries
4. Subscribe ( Leave Email ) - 2 Raffle Entries


Indocontest is having his first contest on his blog. Contest ends on Aug 17, Indonesia Independence Day


Winner #1:

Winner #2:

Winner #3:

Winners #4:

Winner #5:

How to join

  1. Subscribe to RSS by email - 5 entries (mandatory)
  2. Blog about the contest on your blog with all the sponsors links and prizes. - 20 entries (mandatory)
  3. Add to your Technorati Favorite - 2 entries
  4. StumbleUpon this post - 2 entries
  5. Digg this post - 2 entries
  6. Add this post to del.icio.us - 2 entries
  7. Follow on twitter - 2 entries


Win Cash Money from JohnChow in his brief mini contest. All you have to do is to comment on the contest post or blog about this for more entry. One winner would get the money he had won from the Cashinator for the bloggers which is $27, plus $17.

Go to John Chow dot com


IMblogger is having an August contest win 300$+ worth of cash and domains! Contest ends on September 1


1st prize - 125$ cash and 2 .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names of your choice

2nd prize - 100$ cash and 2 .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names of your choice

3rd prize - 75$ cash and 1 .COM/.NET/.ORG domain name of your choice

How to join:

  • Subscribe to our feed via e-mail (2 entries)
  • Post on your blog about this contest (5 entries).


Goofblogger is having a blog contest called The Third Goofblogger Free Money Contest Starts Now. Contest ends on Aug 31


  1. First prize is $20
  2. Second prize is $10
  3. Third prize is $5

How to join:

  • Add site to your delicious bookmarks ( 1 point )
  • Add a comment to contest post highlighting the tasks that you have completed ( required )( 1 point )
  • Add a comment to your favorite post on goofblogger other than this post ( 1 point )
  • Subscribe to RSS feed by email ( 3 points )
  • Post about my contest ( 5 points )


Me and My Drum is having a contest wherein you could win A Garmin nuvi 350 GPS!


Garmin nuvi 350 GPS navigation system - This cool prize is sponsored by Market Leverage. I’ve seen this thing go for upwards of $320 on some sites. Take it with you in the car or walking around town. Never get lost again. You won’t find this on any other contest they’re involved with!

Prize 1
Apple iPod Nano 4GB Silver1 - Hey, it’s from Apple and it’s an iPod…need I say more? Valued at $149. Sponsored by MeAndMyDrum.

Prize 2
WOW-Pen Joy - These aren’t available in stores yet, so one lucky winner is going to be among the first to receive this superior ergonomic PC mouse. I’ve been using another model made by the same company and love it!. Sponsored by WOW-Pen.

Prize 3
1-hour Consultation with Garry Conn - Garry continues to provide great tips and information about how to make money online and does so at an incredible rate. He has created untold numbers of blogs for a variety of market niches and has become very successful at it. If you’re interested in making money online, then make it a point to get to know my friend Garry. This hour he’s giving away will no doubt change the way you blog. Valued at $250.

Prize 4
Free 1-year Membership to LifeFoc.us - this prize, valued at $324, is generously offered by another successful online entrepreneur, Aaron Abber. This recently launched online community is already off to a great start and is sure to provide you with encouraging tips on planning and achieving your goals, both online and offline. Happiness can be found in many different areas of your life and LifeFoc.us can help you find them.

Prize 5
1 Market Leverage 2GB USB Pen - Another prize sponsored by MeAndMyDrum, this is something I won from another contest that I’m throwing into the mix. It’s brand-spanking new!

Prize 6
Free ebook: Success With WordPress - Written by Kyle Eslick of Hack WordPress, this hasn’t even been released yet, so the winner will be among the very first to grab a free copy and become even more successful with using WordPress.

Prize 7
Free ebook: Blog Adrenaline - Written by John Moston of DNXpert, this is an 80-page ebook that also includes a 24-page guide to building WordPress themes, AND a “skeleton” WordPress theme that can be customized and given away for building backlinks.

Prize 8
2 Market Leverage Rewards Cards - These guys came through again with another popular prize. Each card is worth $20. There will be 1 winner per card.

Prize 9
Advertising on KeithJamesLock.com - Keith is offering some great advertising opportunities on his blog. One image ad will be placed beneath each of his posts on single post pages as well as beneath the post on the home page. Size can be up to 400×250. He’s also offering a text link up to 50 characters in length. Both will have do-follow links which can be affiliate links if desired. 2

Prize 10
Niche Adsense Themes for WordPress - Created by Mark Mason, this rising star in the Internet marketing world is someone I’ve been following closely. His recent release of these specially designed WordPress themes has been well-received in the online community. Do yourself a favor and get to know Mark so that you can carve out your slice of the make money online pie.

Prize 11
Free ebook: Article Domination - Written by Josh Spaulding, this has been a best seller in the article marketing world for a while. It’s packed with step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions to making money online using articles and article directories to drive qualified traffic to your site or blog. Valued at $39.

Prize 12
125×125 ad on BlogAboutYourBlog - a $20 value, Matthew Henrickson is offering ad space at the top of BlogAboutYourBlog for one month. His blog gets a lot of traffic so your ad will certainly get a great deal of exposure.

Prize 13
Free ebook: Written Prompty Everyday - Written by Christine Senter, this is an inspiring book designed to help you get your creative juices flowing and get over your writer’s block. It lists some very creative prompts that will help get you that spark of creativity you’re looking for.

Prize 14
Free 1-year Membership to I’m On A Budget - My friend Joe Swopes has launched a great new membership site called I’m On A Budget that provides its members with very affordable videos, software, and audio products that cover a wide variety of topics. Valued at $60.

How to join:

  • 50 points - Subscribe to newsletter
  • 30 points - Post about my contest on your blog
  • 30 points - Subscribe to my RSS feed via email AND confirm.
  • 20 points - Sign up with Market Leverage using this referral link.
  • 10 points - Add MeAndMyDrum to your blogroll
  • 5 points - Stumble any post you like on MeAndMyDrum.
  • 10 points: Follow on Twitter AND twit (is that even a word?) the contest post.
  • 10 points: Subscribe to on friendfeed.
Contest ends on Aug 15


After watching the video, the only race car that I'll ever get in is in the arcade. I don't think I have the courage to pull those stunts. Check more videos on Betshopboy.net A Prelude To F1 Grand Prix


Check out Betshopboy experience in the latest Singapore Toys & Comic Convention 2008.
New toys, vintage toys of your favorite comics! I've never attended a comic convention before, but judging from the video, it seems like fun. I've just attended a gamers convention but the two may practically be the same.


Betshopboy.net is having a First Anniversary Blog Contest as a celebration this August 24,2008. Congratulations! There would be weekly and monthly prizes. Check this video for the prizes.

Weekly prizes

Prizes for 17 August draw
1st prize – a 4GB Sandisk Micro Cruzer skin flash drive
2nd & 3rd – a 125×125 ad book for 7 days (from 18 – 24 Aug) with PerformancingAds on my sidebar

Prizes for 24 August draw
1st prize - 4GB Sandisk Micro Cruzer skin flash drive
2nd & 3rd – a 125×125 ad book for 7 days (from 25 – 31 Aug) with PerformancingAds on my sidebar

Grand prize (one winner)
A 2GB Creative Zen MP3 player with 2.5″ TFT LCD for videos & audios & SD card expansion slot. Click for specification.

A 125×125 ad book for entire month of September 2008 with PerformancingAds on my sidebar

Early Bird Bonus
The first 25 submissions with minimum of 20 points each will have their total points doubled!

How to join

  • Registration and 1 point –> Subscribe to our RSS Feed via email (mandatory) and comment below that you are registered to win. You can use the subscribe option in the sidebar or at the end of this post.
  • 1 point: Stumble or Stumble Review this contest
  • 2 points –> Follow on Twitter and Twitt about this contest with link to this contest page.
  • 5 points –> Make a *New* blog post on a publicly accessible blog (cannot be on a password protected page such as myspace or facebook) and link to this page and the homepage. Additional 5 points given if you embed the above video(found in this post) in your post.

Earn Bonus Points
15 points –> Make a *New* blog post (separate from above post) and embed anyone of my videos found in below posts with a short writeup and link to the respective posts. That’s 15 points for each new post with a video.

Video post #1: Singapore Toys & Comic Convention 2008

Video post #2: A Prelude To F1 Grand Prix

Contest ends on August 30