Wagg.it contest gives $150 and more to whoever won the first prize. Now that's amazing. Here are the other prizes:

  • #1 winner: $150 + 1 month free 125×125 ad spot on the site
  • #2,3,4 winners: 200 free entrecard credits + blog review from SEO point of view (3 links to your blog with your most important anchor texts)
  • #5-20 winners: 1 month free blog listing in their blogroll + a seo 1 time consultation!
  • subscribe to Wagg.it RSS feeds (you can choose RSS Feed-posts or RSS Feed-comments)
  • make a post about this Wagg.it contest on your blog (one live link with anchor text “Wagg.it contest”)
  • leave a comment on the Wagg.it contest post with your URL and mention “contest” in your message
What is Wagg.it

Wagg.it is a free bookmarking/social networking site wherein bloggers can share and promote their stories. When bloggers submits their stories in Wagg, the Waggers(readers) waggs on it when they like it. Wagg.it gives an opportunity to waggers to reach bloggers that shares their same interest. It gives chances on blogs that have a quality and interesting content rather than a popular one.

In Wagg, the community has the control over blog posts. What separates Wagg from the other bookmarking sites is you get a chance to vote for it! How cool is that?! If your post gets enough votes or waggs as they call it, your post would be seen at the front page. Thus, increasing traffic to your site. It also has a piss button if you don't like someone else's story. So you better not right something that could offend the entire community

It's so easy to start using Wagg.it. It only took me less than 30 seconds on signing up. You just need a valid email address to register and you could start waggin. No more other requirements.

Plus, I love their banner with the dog waggin. Oh, i'm such a dog lover :D

Start using Wagg.It now! You'll be glad you did.


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