Blog Premiere is having a "Blog Premiere Extravaganza... CRAZY Contest Kicks Off!" contest. The prizes in the contest are useful to aspiring bloggers and starters. This contest will work on a points scheme. Each individual must keep track of their points throughout the duration of the contest and private message or email me the totals on July 1st


A Big Thank You To All Contest Sponsors. Let's take a short look at them...

Hosting Sponsor

Hostgator - For me, Hostgator is easily one of the best web hosts out there. Great uptime, excellent support and thousands of happy webmasters... they're here to stay and with their extremely affordable pricing I recommend them to everyone that asks me for hosting recommendations. Learn about how you can get your first month's hosting for one cent here!

Theme Sponsors

I made sure I asked designers that produced top quality themes... and most of them were happy to sponsor a licensed theme for you guys. Let's look at who they are!

Magnus Jepson - Magnus helped create a few of the Premium News Themes, as well as a slowly growing collection of his own on his website. A freelance web designer from Norway, Magnus has created themes from ranging from Grunge to Magazine styles and he agreed to sponsor a licensed copy of three different themes of his.

Brian of Elite Theme - I only came across the Elite Theme a couple of weeks ago, but it's a theme that wowed me... I love the glossy look and you guys will too. The Elite Theme is truely pushing the limits of Wordpress even further and its style will help you stand out in the blogosphere.

Darren Hoyt - A few of you will know Darren Hoyt, the creator behind the Mimbo series... he's offered up one sponsored copy of his Mimbo Pro theme, which is fairly unique not in the fact that it just looks crackingly good, but also in its backend built for the beginner - you do not have to touch the code at all if you do not want to.

Power Theme - the creator behind the Power theme series contacted me via instant messenger looking for some exposure for his brand... luckily BP had a contest coming up. There are two themes available on the website, and you can choose which one you like... both of them are of immense quality.

Ecstasy theme - last but not least, the people that created the Ecstasy theme offered up one copy for this contest... although they are one of the cheapest premium theme offerings around, do not let that fool you as the quality is certainly top notch.

Other Sponsors

Design FX Pro - Melencio at Design FX Pro designed the header for www.theuniversitykid.com as well as a few others in the blogosphere... his work is top quality and affordable for even the newest blogger. He offered to sponsor a custom drawn mascot for winner of this contest and you'll definitely have fun with something as sweet as that.

PSD Chopstick - PSD Chopstick were one of the first people to contact me about sponsoring a contest and have offered to fully code one design (which you'll win with us too!) into Wordpress. Getting a theme coded is one of the most difficult tasks around... now you don't have to worry about that.

PSDThis - Aaron from PSD This designed the sexiest looking blogging forum out there in existence... I'm talking about this one, and no - I'm not being biased at all (for once ). He's agreed to design one Wordpress layout, and coupled with the above offer this means you'll get a fully unique, custom Wordpress theme which you'd kill for normally (okay, maybe not... but it is still a nice thing to win in a contest, don't you agree? )

Ophelia Nicholson - is a personal friend and offered you all theme coding.

Eli Burford - Eli has done some of the most interesting designs in the blogosphere - creating the Exit Card graphic which brought in thousands of views for John Cow. He's offered up one Wordpress theme design just for one of you and it will certainly set you on your way to succeeding.

OIO Publisher - the developer of OIO Publisher, Simon Emery has taken an active interest in Blog Premiere... and happily donated two copies of the best advertising script for your blog. OIO Publisher automates the process of selling ads and reviews completely, and if you buy it through the link at the top of the forum you can get it for just $20, nearly half off the full price of $37.

Geoff at Can't Get Rich - Can't Get Rich takes a different look at the carnage that is the make money online section of the blogosphere and has humourous views about its happenings. He runs a podcast that has been downloaded more than 1,000 times to date, and offered a slot on it to a lucky winner amongst you... think how much exposure you will get?

George Pearce - George is the self-dubbed Fixer of the forums... when I screw up, he's there. He's offered you an hour of technical consultation, where you can ask him any questions or let him know about any problems you have and he'll get it sorted.

Prize List

First place winner gets:

Ultimate Blogging Package

Hosting Package

Twelve Months Swamp Plan by Hostgator


One .COM domain by Blog Premiere

Custom Wordpress Theme

Coloured Mascot by DesignFXPro
Theme Design by PSDThis
Theme Coding by PSDChopstick


One hour marketing consultation by Jason Pereira
One hour technical consultation by George Pearce
One BotW slot on Blog Premiere


One copy of OIO Publisher

Second place winner gets:

Custom Wordpress Theme

Theme Design by Photoshop Star
Theme Coding by Ophelia Nicholson


One copy of OIO Publisher


One slot on the Can’t Get Rich Podcast

Third place winner gets:

One license to three themes by Magnus Jepson
One license to the Elite Theme

Fourth place winner gets:

One license to the Elite Theme
One license to Mimbo Pro

Fifth place winner gets:

One license to the Power Theme
One license to the Ecstasy Theme

How to earn points

300 Points for submitting an accepted article to Blog Premiere’s magazine

300 Points for blogging about the contest with all sponsor links attached

150 Points for blogging about the contest without all sponsor links attached

50 Points for joining Blog Premiere’s forums (REQUIRED)

10 Points for Stumbling this contest thread

5 Points per day you link to Blog Premiere on your website

3 Points per thread you make on Blog Premiere

1 Point per post you make on Blog Premiere


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