Written by Garry Conn

Many bloggers often wonder some of the best niche marketing strategies are. That can be somewhat of a challenge to answer as your strategies can vary on the niche you are marketing. Here are some simple and universal thoughts that will help and guide with you through your ventures in niche marketing. These are general strategies that will help you overall. More or less, just some common sense things that I think many people including myself tend to neglect. These strategies all work very well for me with making money using Market Leverage. So here goes:

Branding: So many blogs that I find are spreading the products or things that they are trying to sell way too thin. I can visit just many niche blogs that are marketing many products and it gets overwhelming. Many months ago, I stated that new niche sites that are trying to market products and services should really pick just a few and roll with them. Even though these products aren't your own, you should act as if they were. The product that you're marketing is your brand, in essence you become an extension of the product your support and promote.

Timing: In the world of niche marketing and developing strategies, timing is everything. I focus on seasonal niche marketing. I have quite a few blogs that take full advantage of the deals market and I promote heavily holiday based products. Most profitable for me have been Black Friday, CyberModay and The Day After Christmas.

Awareness of Demand: Another reason why I work in the seasonal niche market is because I know in advanced when spikes in business will occur. People don't shop for Christmas items in July and these same people don't buy fireworks in October. I am always aware of supply and demand.

Effective Marketing: You need a channel to promote your business, product or service. I use WordPress primarily. Why? Because WordPress is a glorified web based version of FrontPage. It is well designed and produces web pages that are of very high quality in code. WordPress is very search engine friendly and with a few minor tweaks and modifications, a WordPress blog opens up a huge pipeline with many of the major search engine web crawlers. Effective marketing means everything in your niche marketing strategies. I also use online video syndication services such as YouTube, AOL Video, Revver, MySpace Video, etc. to promote my niche blog. Additionally, I use Digg, StumbleUpon, Sphinn and Propeller to thrust out mass awareness of anything I am trying to flood and promote into the blogosphere and Internet.

Micro Management / Bean Counter: Give me a blog with 100 daily visits and I'll produce a golden brick. I am very particular with things and I micro manage my traffic. When I get a visitors to my blog(s) I act as if they are physical people entering into my brick and mortar storefront. I closely control where my visitors go and what they see. My job is making sure their actions on my sites create revenue in my pocket or converts into regular readers. I closely control my outgoing links and provide very useful information.

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