Written by Garry Conn

Time and time again people insist on trying to convince me that StumbleUpon traffic is useless traffic. While I'll agree to some extent, it can be useless if you're not properly taking advantage of the exposure. So here's the deal. The common complaint about StumbleUpon traffic is that it doesn't convert into money. Typically, bloggers will write something cool or interesting and have it submitted into StumbleUpon resulting in thousands and thousands of visits in a very clustered and quick time frame.

The problem that people face is that the content or the theme of the story being submitted into StumbleUpon isn't something that generates sales, leads or even Google AdSense clicks. Many people feel like it is utterly useless traffic that does nothing but waste bandwidth. While I'll agree with you on one side, I am also going to disagree on the other and here's why.

StumbleUpon Traffic Eventually Leads to PageRank

Of all the things that I have had submitted into StumbleUpon, very commonly I see multiple people turn right around and write a post about what I stumbled on their own blogs. These are backlinks. Backlinks are important towards building up PageRank. The more PageRank an individual page has the more authority and power they have in delivering their own backlinks to other pages that are more important to you (e.g. pages that make you money). You may recall an article I wrote about how you can make money online by editing your old posts? Well there you go, that is the key to the topic in this article.

How To Make Money From StumbleUpon Traffic?

First off you need to get it out of your head that the ACTUAL StumbleUpon traffic will make you money. On that aspect, you are right. StumbleUpon traffic does not convert into leads, sales or even Google AdSense clicks. However, its in the actions of other Stumblers that will eventually lead to you making money. I agree with you, who cares about the "Burst Fire" flood of traffic that you get from StumbleUpon. Only thing that traffic does is suck your server system resources and eats up your bandwidth. However, when you stumble upon a box do you think inside it of outside of it?

Stumbling Upon A Box and Thinking Outside of It!

Thinking out of the box here... If you want to make money, you have to consider the value of StumbleUpon traffic. While it is obvious that many already know that the actual traffic doesn't convert, its in the upcoming weeks and months that you should be concerned with.

The strategy is in creatively writing content that is geared towards a high concentration among Stumblers while also balancing another strategy in future link building to pages that will make you money. While on the surface most people quickly balk at using StumbleUpon as a means for making money online, I am here to tell you that it can be the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

Write Content For Stumble With A Trojan Horse Inside For Google

When you write content for the purpose of getting Stumbled, write your content in a way that carefully uses keywords and phrases that you can eventually use to link to relevant pages that will make you money. The Stumble traffic wave typically only lasts a few days. By then Google will have already crawled and indexed you page. A day or two later, Google will have also crawled all the pages from the other bloggers who have pointed links to your post that was submitted into Stumble upon.

If you carefully wrote your post to include targetable keywords, after a week when the Stumble traffic dies down to nothing, you can simply go back and plug those few selected keywords with links to other pages that you have created for the purpose of making money. In due time, because so many people pointed links to the original post you submitted into StumbleUpon, that page will eventually earn PageRank.

Pages Submitted To Stumble Are Very Likely To Establish PageRank

Pages that earn PageRank establish authority. Pages that are linked from other pages with PageRank also too will earn PageRank. So when you submit your post into StumbleUpon, do so in a way where you know that in about 7 days you'll be going back to plug in links that point to the pages that really count in making money. Because you linked to those money making pages from a page that is soon to be established with PageRank, those additional money making pages will go for the ride as well.

The result will be in having pages built for making money online that end up ranking very well in the search engines. Search engine traffic in many ways is perfect traffic for the fact that if you get traffic from a search engine, it is more likely that they are interested in buying what you have to offer for the fact that they came to your page as a result of searching for it.

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