I am totally swept away by the WP-Magazine Theme. It has stayed away from the usual or typical wordpress themes. Only a few and the wp-magazine theme has out beaten any other magazine themes in terms of properly laying out all the links without sacrificing the design. It gives the user an ease of navigation. Every elements of the design is well though of. Starting from the pages, categories. Both has drop down boxes to accommodate the subcategories and subpages. View it on Solostream theme page.

Content Layout
What more could I say, the content layout are properly laid down. The featured articles, which glides in a certain duration(by you, yes you!) is awesome. It will give so much reason for your visitors to stay on your site. There would be a lot of interesting articles from you to showcase. Plus, the recent articles layout is very much interesting and an eye catching. The interchanging colors and the images is very well designed. If I am the reader, I would surely be interested on reading those articles judging by the design.

The colors looks professional and fits any blogs of different niches. I could see a money making, sports, gaming, technology sites using this wordpress design.

The advertisements are properly layed down and does not clutter the content at all. It properly blends in the sidenar.There are built in spaces for ads with certain sizes and you could even add more on the extra space in the sidebar.

Other Cool Features
You could activate your profile/gravatar
In the demo site, there are wonderful tutorials starting from how to add a 125x125 ads to your sidebar and adding activating your profile/gravatar
Create a SiteMap page (coolest)
There are 5 homepage options to choose from (Where could you find this?! 5 lovely layouts to choose from)
Other homepage options:

There are 4 archive pages to choose from
2 single page options to choose from
2-column version of the single post page
3-column version of the single post page

How I wish I would win this wp theme. The design is neat, simple and slick. I have another blog that totally needs a makeover right now. Having this wp theme on my other blogs would give it a professional design and I could out stand other bloggers with the same niche as mine. I would certainly recommend this


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