Contest URL: Entrecard Dow Jones Prediction Contest.
Prize: Entrecard credits (3000 EC)

Ainvestor is having an Entrecard Dow Jones Prediction Contest. Just predict Predict the Dow's index when it closes on 30 May 2008, and you'll win Entrecredits!

The following are the prizes for grabs:

Winner (closest prediction) receives 2600 ec
Runner-up receives 1300 ec
(The prize will be adjusted depending on the number of sponsors)

Other result scenarios:
1. If there are 2 closest prediction, then there are 2 winners, and no runner-up.
Each winner receives (2600 + 1300) / 2 = 1950 ec.
2. If there are 2 second closest prediction, then there are 2 runner-up.
Each runner-up receives 1300 / 2 = 650 ec.

Who may join
Only 1 prediction per Entrecard entry is allowed. This contest would test your skill in Technical Analysis. Unfortunately, you couldn't change your entry once you have submitted it so you must be careful about it.

You can sponsor this contest by donating some prizes (Eg. Cash, Entrecredits, Ad Spot, Blog Review, etc.), and a link to your blog will be added as shown below:

1500 ec from A Investor
1000 ec from JoeTech.com
1000 ec from ahkong.net
500 ec from Dot Com Mogul
150 ec from New York Nitty-Gritty


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