Hey guys, I've found this wonderful balkhis mini-contest. You could win as much as 1,000 entrecards. What's even better is you could win a 125 x 125 banner post. This is a part of his pimp my blog project. He will give away prizes to the top commentators and a random email subscriber.

1. Be an email subscriber
2. Be the top commentator

Prizes will be given to the top 3 commentators.

First commentator will get 1000 entrecards
Second commentator will get 300 entrecards
Third commentator will get 200 entrecards

Prizes for the Subscribers via Email

One Randomly selected email subscriber will also get 300 entrecards
One Randomly selected email subscriber will get a 125 x 125 banner spot

Prizes for those who post about this contest:

People who blog about this mini-contest on their blog will get 50 entrecards by default and the chance to enter the draw of winning a Paid Review on Balkhis. Also another one will get a 125 x 125 banner ad on Balkhis.

Don't miss this contest, visit Balkhis now.


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