Sports Dollar decided to bid farewall to Entrecard. So they are giving away their remaining Entrecards through a lottery. Here's how you could join:

* 150 Tickets: Write a short post or blurb about this contest with a minimum of 100 words. Make sure to link back to this post and also state the 7500+ credits somewhere.

* 100 Tickets: Post our 125x125 banner linking back to us somewhere on your blog for the duration of the contest. You can combine this into your short blurb on the contest to kill two birds with one whoppin' stone. (Here is the link to it)

* 50 Tickets: Subscribe to our RSS feed.

* 10 Tickets: Stumble it!

Pretty simple, right?! And the prizes are even better! There might be a second a third prize because this contest is a hit!


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